Video: Where does the money go?

This is the third in a series of videos about the Field Local School District levy campaign.


DH: Hi and welcome back. This is the third in a series of videos about the Field Local School District levy campaign on the May ballot. The purpose of these videos is to provide you with information to make an informed decision and support our district. This video is entitled “Where does the money go?” Todd, what can you tell us about where the money goes?

TC: Well, about 70% goes towards salaries and benefits, which is below similar districts and the state average. In fact, many districts are around 80%.
DH: Wow, so we really are spending less than a lot of places all around the state.
TC: Yes, in salaries and benefits, we are.
DH: You know, it’s not surprising that such a high percentage of our revenue goes to salaries and benefits. Education is a people business. Most of what we do is employee the right people for your students. We have to be able to offer a competitive salary if we want to both, attract and retain, quality teachers and administrators. That’s why continuing to keep our district financially stable is so important. We will use the money also to provide as current an education as we can. This means increasing things like technology. You know technology is ever-changing and it’s hard to stay current. The state requires that much of our testing is now done online. We have had to make investments in technology so that we have more computers and tablets available for students to use for testing and we are also able to use those in instruction. Our teaching staff is learning more every day about how to bring technology into the classroom to benefit your students.

Thank you for watching and keep your eye out for more videos.

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