View information on frequently asked questions about the field local schools levy.

Why 11.75 mill?

The goal of the district is to remain financially stable through the 2023-24 school year. The 10.75 mill operating levy millage will raise enough money so that we will be able to maintain our current level of service for that time period. Approximately 70% of the district’s money goes towards salaries and benefits. The state average is approximately 74%. Education is a people business. In order to provide a good quality education, we must be able to hire and retain good teachers and staff members.  The 1.0 mill permanent improvement millage will be designated to replace the current main campus parking lot, proving that there are no capital repair emergencies.  The estimate cost of this repair is 1.5 million dollars.

What happens if this levy fails?

If this levy fails, the district will be back on the ballot. After 28 years we are in a position where we must have additional resources. If we do not pass a levy in May 2019, the district will be facing significant cuts, increased double digit millage and being placed in Fiscal Emergency by the state of Ohio.

The list of proposed cuts:

    • All Physical Education, Art, Music, & Technology Classes at the Elementary

    • One First Grade Teacher & One Gifted Teacher

    • 3 English & 3 Math Teachers at the Middle School

    • 1 Special Education Teacher at the Middle School

    • 1 Vocal Music Teacher:  All Choirs at the Middle School & High School

    • 6 High School Teachers: 1 English, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies, 1 French, 1 Math, 1 Spanish

    • School Resource Officer

    • Athletic Secretary & All Library Secretaries

    • 3 Part-Time Custodians

    • 1 Playground Aide

    • Part-Time Grounds Position

    • Reduction in hours of 1 MS & 1 HS Secretary

  • All buildings will be closed to all non-school groups or teams after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends (this includes all youth sports activities)

What does this levy cost?

Per $100,000 home: $411 a year or $1.13 a day (estimated).

How much revenue will an 11.75 mill levy provide?

The amount of revenue brought in with one mill as certified by the County Auditor is $453,998. The total amount for the general fund (operating) at 10.75 mill would be $4,880,478 a year.  The total amount for permanent improvement at 1.0 mill is 453,998.

Why don’t we merge with another local school district to save tax dollars?

The Board of Education and residents of both districts would have to agree to a merger. Few districts have extra space so it is unlikely you would close a building. While you might be able to eliminate a handful of positions, increased transportation costs could easily offset or exceed those savings. Merging two districts does not mean the new district would not need additional levies.

Will busing come back?

No, to restore full busing it would cost the district an additional $300,000 per year.

Will the parking lot be fixed?

Provided there are no capital repair emergencies, this 1.0 mill is designated to replace the current main campus lot which has been estimated to cost approximately $1.5 million.

What is our “Product”?

Our product is the future. We educate today’s young people to be the leaders, employers, and employees of tomorrow. Providing our students with every opportunity to succeed benefits not only them, it benefits all of us.

Does the district receive additional money from the construction of new homes?

Yes.  For example: The current levy request of 9.85 mill on a $100,000 market value house would collect $345.00 per year. If one hundred homes with a market value of $100,000.00 each were built, the district would receive only approximately $34,475.00 per year.

Currently the total operating millage the district collects before our current millage request is 25.39 effective mills. So those same one hundred new homes would currently bring in approximately $88,865.00. This would account for less than half a percent of our yearly operating budget.

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